Ctrl Alt Elite Gaming

CAEG 1-5-11

Conscription, bug attack, fire and booze!
The adventure began in the office of Jammick the captain of the guard in the port city of Farroughsbourgh. The PC’s are quickly informed by Jammick that they are being conscripted into service because the militia is spread thin because of elvish refugees from the west and a series of mysterious deaths. After some bickering the PC’s agree to travel south to the city of Red Oak and investigate the situation there, as there has been no communication from Red Oak in some time.
Large ‘insects’ that look like giant fire-flys burst through the windows of Jammicks office and they appear to be on fire. The bugs attack the PC’s, almost killing the ranger, and set fire to Jammicks office. Jammick had already fled before this and his whereabouts are currently unknown.
The PC’s killed the giant fire-flys and escaped the city but not before a large barrel of booze and a half cask o’ the good stuff was rescued from the blaze. The PC’s also looted a wagon and horses aplenty and left Farroughsbourgh to burn. The players decided to head south and that was it for this game.


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